Iowa Western Community College
covid-19Iowa Western's plan to reopen facilities, and keeping our students and staff safe.

College information and updates

Safety and Security

Iowa Western Campus Security has officers available 24 hours per day, seven days a week.  Campus Security responds to all types of public safety emergencies as well as escort individuals who may feel uncomfortable walking or riding alone.

Law Enforcement

Off duty Council Bluffs Police Officers are hired to work evening and early morning hours in campus housing and are contracted for other special campus events and activities.  Council Bluffs Police Officers are in uniform, have jurisdiction on campus, carry weapons, and have arrest authority.  IWCC maintains a highly professional working relationship with the Council Bluffs Police Department, Pottawattamie County Sheriffs Office, and all other local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.  All crime victims and witnesses are strongly encouraged to immediately report the crime to Campus Security and the appropriate Police agency.

Campus Emergencies

In the case of an emergency requiring rescue response, please call 911.  All campus emergencies should also be reported to Campus Security by calling (402) 659-4939 or 8000 from any campus phone.  The Campus Security cell phone (402) 659-4939 does have text messaging capability for students who need this feature to report a crime or emergency.   Reporting an emergency to campus security will ensure that emergency responders will be directed to the correct location when they arrive on campus.  Emergencies that occur in Residence Life should also be reported to Residence Life staff by contacting the appropriate facility front desk:

Students will be notified of emergencies like tornadoes or fire by campus wide alarm sirens.  Other emergencies affecting students may be communicated through ROC, campus television monitors, Reiver Alert, bulletin board postings, or through communication from faculty, staff, or Residence Life personnel. 

Reporting a Crime or Emergency

All students and staff should report any incidence of crime to IWCC Safety and Security staff.  To report a crime, contact Campus Security at (402) 659-4939 to report a non-emergency or 911 for emergencies.   The Campus Security cell phone (402) 659-4939 does have text messaging capability for students who need this feature to report a crime or emergency.  You can dial 8000 from any campus phone and reach security as well. 

Reiver Alert

The ability to communicate quickly and effectively in any situation is essential in providing the best possible opportunity to ensure the safety of Iowa Western Community College students.

WENS (Wireless Emergency Notification System) is a service purchased by the College and provided free of charge to students.  Reiver Alert (WENS) is to be used principally for events that are deemed to be true emergency situations, but will also provide information about weather-related class cancellations or closings.

To sign up to receive a cell phone text message and / or an email message go to Reiver-Alert. You can also sign up by going to ROC.