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Why Be an RA?

Being an RA at Iowa Western Community College is more then just having another student job. As an Ra you are also…

Community Developer

Assist and encourage floor members to develop a livable, inclusive and responsible community through discussions of floors living guidelines, integration of new students, study breaks, quiet hours, floor activities, etc.


As part of an administrative staff, an RA is responsible for staffing the Front Desks during the semester. Duty nights rotate according to the staff size and the needs of the specific housing facility. Working with and filing paperwork are also a part of the RA job. Another important part of the RA’s administrative role is communicating with the Resident Life Coordinator through the use of various forms of communication channels.


Offering educational and social opportunities for residences is an important aspect of the RA’s job. Programming requirements may vary between facilities however the departmental expectations is from one program to occur per week in each housing facility.  By using campus resources and with the help of Senior Resident Assistants and Residence Life Coordinators, RAs offer exceptional programs that enhance and entertain hundreds of residents each year.

Peer Counselor

As a leader in the residence life community, many residents will seek advice and assistance for their simple and complex problems. As an RA, it is likely that you will experience issues such as roommate conflicts or eating disorders. It is important for all RAs to understand how to handle every situation. During RA training, you will be given the tools you need to provide students with the best possible answers to their questions. You will also be made aware of the proper protocol for serious and emergency situations.

Resources Person

Otherwise known as a walking information desk, an RA will be sought by residents to answer questions, from the basic, “Where’s the library?” to the more complicated “How do I set up my Internet account?” You will be made aware of all the campus resources during training.

Policy Enforcer

As a college official, Resident Assistants, are responsible for abiding by and enforcing Residence Life Policies. Each policy was created with the purpose of create a safe and non-threatening place for all members of the residence hall community.


RA Staff members vary in size depending on the size of the housing facility. Each facility has one Residence Life Coordinator. The staff’s meet every Monday at 9:00pm to discuss the issues of the facility and plan events. Meeting times are also a time to socialize with you Staff Team. As part of a team, each RA is expected to support and assist their fellow staff members.

We are accepting applications for Spring 2020 Resident Assistants. Contact John Srader for details today at [email protected]