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Getting Involved

To get the most from your college experience, it’s important that you take some time to create a plan that integrates your academic choices, career choices, and the choices that you made about the time you spend outside of class. With all the different Residence Life Programs, you will find many ways to meet new people, improve your leadership skills, build self-esteem, face responsibility. And accomplish goals that will enhance your future endeavors. Getting involved is a great way to improve your resume and make you stand out when applying for a job after graduation. Besides, you are bound to have fun doing it!

Here is a quick look at some ways you can be involved in your hall community.

Educational Programs

Many times throughout the year you will have the opportunity to attend an educational program either on the floor / building or property level.  Educational programs are put on by a variety of groups and people including instructors, campus departments and groups, community services or organizations, special interest groups and individuals.  Programs are usually chosen on the basis of their relevance to student interests and needs.  Topics may include time management, sex roles, intimate relationships, alcohol awareness, rape awareness, nutrition, and many others.  If you have a special interest in a certain topic let your RA or Residence Life Coordinator know so they can organize a program related to that subject.  Since these programs are set up for your interest, information and benefit, we strongly encourage you to get the most out of them.

Social Programs

Social programs are offered on a regular basis to provide residents with a way to meet new people, take a break from studies and just plain have fun! Individual and group prizes are often times awarded to top participants in many of these events.

Residence Assistant

Residence Assistants (RAs) are students specially trained in all aspects of residence hall living with the experience and know-how to answer all your questions or to help you find the answers. They are responsible for maintaining a floor/building environment that is conducive to studying, and promotes a senses of community among its residents.

RA hiring takes place in the Spring semester and the Fall semester.

Desk Worker

Front Desk Workers are full-time students who assist in the Residence Life facilities through front desk operations. Their responsibilities include answering questions, distributing equipment and keys, and maintaining the guest registration log.