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President Search


    • June 10, 2020 - ACCT Search Consultant facilitates a series of open Public Forums (Administrators, Staff, Faculty, Students, Community members invited to attend) to solicit feedback to inform the development of the draft Presidential Profile.


    • June 11, 2020 - Presidential Search Committee Meeting #1: Training and Orientation; Committee receives Draft Presidential Profile and reviews and edits the draft Presidential Profile (3 – 4 hour Meeting). Special Board meeting to discuss, edit and finalize the Presidential Profile.


    • Mid-June 2020 - Presidential Profile is posted to on IWCC and ACCT websites. ACCT and Search Consultant conduct targeted local, state-wide and national one-on-one recruitment of Candidates. Advertisements placed.


    • September 9, 2020 - Target Date for Receipt of Applications. Position open until filled.


    • Sept. 10 – Sept. 21, 2020 - Presidential Search Committee members review confidential applications independently through ACCT’s secure web portal.


    • September 23, 2020 - Presidential Search Committee Meeting #2: Presidential Search Committee meets to discuss and select 7 – 9 confidential semifinalists. (5 – 6 hour meeting)


    • October 8 - 9, 2020 - Search Committee Meeting #3: Presidential Search Committee meets for confidential interview of semifinalists. (Two-Day Interview Process via video or in-person). Search Committee deliberates and selects 3 - 5 finalists and forwards recommendations Board of Trustees.


    • Week of Nov. 2, 2020 - Finalists visit IWCC for tours, participate in public forums, meet with Direct Reports, etc. Finalists will interview with the full Board of Trustees. During deliberations, ACCT provides oral in-depth reference reports on final candidates.


    • Mid-November, 2020 - Board visits #1 candidate’s institution (optional, but highly recommended). ACCT facilitates final negotiations. New President of Iowa Western Community College is announced.


  • January 1, 2021 or TBD - Start date for next President of Iowa Western Community College.



ACCT Search

Search Committee Members

  • Brent Siegrist (Chair), Board of Trustee Member (Council Bluffs)
  • Connie Hornbeck, Board of Trustee Member (Logan)
  • Dr. John Marshall, Board of Trustee Member (Council Bluffs)
  • Dr. Stan Sibley, Board of Trustee Member (Glenwood)
  • Malory Klocke, Iowa Western Faculty Member
  • Nicole Juranek, Iowa Western Faculty Member
  • Carrie Parkhurst, Iowa Western Faculty Member
  • Reanna Heim, Iowa Western Administrator
  • Jenny Kruger, Iowa Western Administrator
  • Marc Rardin, Iowa Western Staff Member
  • Lori Stitz, Iowa Western Staff Member
  • Kristin Smith, Iowa Western Staff Member
  • Dr. Don Fenster, Iowa Western Foundation Board Member
  • Kassandra Bruguera, Iowa Western Student
  • Chris Blake, Atlantic Community Member
  • Dr. Kerri Nelson, Page/Fremont County Community Member
  • Chad Hannan, Council Bluffs Community Member
  • Matt Johnson, Council Bluffs Community Member
  • Kathy Rieger, Council Bluffs Community Member
  • Tim Wichman, Council Bluffs Community Member