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Changes In Registration

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Adding A Course

Students may add a course using their ROC (Reiver Online Campus) account at any time through the fifth class day of a term or before the second meeting of a night or weekend class. eCollege classes can be added through the third day of the eCollege term. See the Academic Calendar for dates.

Dropping A Course

Sixteen-week term: A student may drop a class on ROC through the twelfth week of a regular semester.

Eight-week term: A student may drop a class on ROC through the sixth week of an eight-week term.

Interim and other term classes: A student may drop through three-fourths of the length of the class.

  • A “W” grade is recorded on the student’s permanent record if the drop occurs after the term begins.
  • Students may drop individual classes from their schedules any time up to the official last day to drop. After this time, students must remain enrolled in scheduled classes. Failure to attend class once registered does not cancel registration or tuition and fees owed for any class or classes. Failure to change registration status will result in a grade of “F” recorded on the permanent record.
  • A change in registration is not official until it is received by the Admissions and Records Office.