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Eligible Student:

In order to be eligible to receive Federal Student Aid, a student must be a "declared student,"  which is defined as a student who has applied for admission to a program of study offered by the College, has met the requirements for admission to the program, and been accepted into the program.

Eligible Programs:

An eligible program is defined as a program of study that admits declared students who are high school graduates or have received a GED certificate. The eligible program must also offer a degree, diploma or certificate.

Eligible Courses:

Only courses required for graduation from an eligible program will qualify for financial aid eligibility.  A student may receive aid for repeated classes if a failing grade was received or if a higher grade is needed to continue in the program of study. Non-credit classes do not qualify for aid eligibility, and credits received by transfer or credit by exam, including CLEP, do not count as eligible courses for financial aid.