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College information and updates

Cost, Fees & Billing

Community (Fall 2019)
Location Price Per Week Bi-Weekly Monthly (4 weeks) 
Preschool East/West $171 $342 $684
Toddler $183 $366 $732
Infants $201 $402 $804
Employee/Student (Fall 2019)
Location Price Per Week Bi-Weekly Monthly (4 weeks) 
Preschool East/West $161 $322 $644
Toddler $171 $342 $684
Infants $188 $376 $752

** Activity Fee will be billed on the first bill of the semester for a supplies and activity fee per child. ECE Center fees cover cost of teacher salaries, all materials and supplies for the program activities, field trip expenses, snacks, meals, parent education workshops and center sponsored family socials during the school year.

Billing Information

Families will be billed for enrollment in the ECE Center based upon a contracted enrollment slot. Parents sign a contract at the beginning of the academic year which states the enrollment days and fees for services. Separate contracts are prepared for the summer session. Billing statements will be issued based on the information on the contract. Fees for the center are announced at the beginning of each school year. Fees are subject to change upon notice. IRS statements will be made available for tax purposes through the college finance office. A sign up list will be posted should you need this information.

Billing statements for the month will be in the child’s mailbox at the center by the 1st of the month. Payment for the month is due to the College Business Office by the 10th of the month for that month’s enrollment. Payment can be made in person at the College Cashier’s window or by mail to the address on the billing invoice or by automatic withdrawal. (See the Director for the form when choosing automatic withdrawal form of payment.) The College accepts cash (in person only), check, money order, Visa or MasterCard for payment. Accounts which have outstanding balances are subject to being sent to collection at the discretion of the College Business Office.

The Center reserves the right to dis-enroll a child when a payment for services is not made in a timely manner.

Billing for attendance in excess of the monthly contract will be added to the following month’s statement. Fees for services will be announced prior to the beginning of each academic year and presented to each family in writing. Fees may increase at any time with notice.

Parents who participate in employer flexible benefit plans are responsible to deliver the appropriate documents to the Director and the College Business Office for processing. Iowa Western ECE Center no longer accepts third party pay for child care such as DHS, HHS and Promise Jobs.

Billing Schedule

Summer (Separate Contract)
June Full Month Bill + Summer Term Activity Fee
July Full Month Bill
August Half Month Bill


Academic Year
August Half Month Bill + Fall Semester Activity Fee
September Full Month Bill
October Half Month Bill
November Full Month Bill
December Half Month Bill


January Full Month Bill + Spring Semester Activity Fee
February Full Month Bill
March Half Month Bill
April Full Month Bill
May Half Month Bill