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In-State Tuition

To thank you for your service and sacrifice, we offer in-state tuition!  Our Military Residency Exemption policy states, a veteran of military service or the National Guard, or his or her spouse or dependent child will be classified as an Iowa resident and charged resident tuition and fee amounts, regardless of whether or not the student resides in Iowa, or if the student resides in Iowa primarily for educational purposes. This policy adjoins with the Home Base Iowa Initiative, and goes beyond the mandate of the Veterans Access, Choice & Accountability Act of 2014, which requires public colleges to provide in-state tuition to Veterans and eligible dependents beginning July 1, 2015.

If you believe you may qualify for the military residency exemption, you must notify the Coordinator of Veteran Services no later than the end of the first week of a given semester.  To prove you eligibility, you are required to submit the following documentation:

  1. U.S. Veterans: DD214
  2. Military Personnel: current orders
  3. Child: military parent’s DD214 or current orders and military parent’s tax return with the student listed as a dependent or a birth certificate
  4. Spouse/domestic partner: spouse/partner’s DD214 or current orders and marriage certificate or Affidavit of Domestic Partner Relationship

Deployment Policy (Please update the format on this page to reflect the Administrative policy book. It would be easier to read)

It is the policy of Iowa Western Community College to assist students called to active military duty by providing tuition credit for courses in which the student is currently enrolled and cannot complete. In order for the student called to active military duty to receive tuition credit, the student must request one of the following options:

  1. Apply current tuition and fees to a future term.
  2. Receive full refund of tuition and fees for current term.
  3. Arrange with each instructor a procedure for completion of course requirements, agreeing to a time limit consistent with college incomplete procedures.
  4. Receive partial tuition and fees credit for classes for which completion arrangements are not possible.

The request for tuition credit must be made in writing to the Vice President of Student Services and must be accompanied by a copy of Involuntary Activation Mobilization Orders from the military unit of assignment. Upon written notification of the student’s intent to return to college, Iowa Western will readmit the student to the program he or she left, providing the following conditions are met:

  1. The student exited the program in good standing.
  2. The student was not on disciplinary suspension at the time of military call to active duty.
  3. The student is academically prepared to enter the sequential courses offered at the time of reentry.

Please contact the Veterans Service Coordinator to assist in this process.