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Student Assistance

The Student Assistance staff is here to help students navigate through the many new opportunities and challenges that occur during a college career. The staff is dedicated to providing students with guidance and support in the following areas: mental health support, making connections to community resources, sexual health, emergency financial assistance, and food and personal item insecurities. Contact Student Assistance with any questions: [email protected] or 712-325-3461. 

Mental Health Support:

Mental health support is a FREE service offered to students who may be struggling with emotional, social, family, relationship, or substance abuse concerns. When students reach out for mental health support, it is our goal to provide short-term counseling, helpful information, and referral resources so students can become better equipped to deal with personal problems that may be impacting their academic performance. Students are urged to seek help before personal problems seriously damage academic performance or the future quality of their life. If you are in need of assistance, please contact [email protected] or 712-325-3461.

Emergency Assistance:

The Emergency Assistance Fund is a one-time grant provided to students who are experiencing an unforeseen financial emergency that could negatively impact their ability to do well in the classroom. Financial emergencies include but are not limited to unforeseen, non-academic expenses such as rent, groceries, car repairs, child care, utility bills or personal expenses. The maximum amount awarded per student is $500.00. Staff across campus are available to help with the application process. Stop by the Welcome Center, Student Center, Cyber Library, Academic Success Office, Residence Life, or any of our center locations for help today! For questions email [email protected] or call 712-329-4750. 

Rocky’s Emergency Pantry:

Rocky’s Emergency Pantry helps students who are struggling with food and personal hygiene insecurities. Iowa Western recognizes that having basic needs met is an important component to students success. Students who need to utilize the pantry can complete an online application through the internal ROC site, or by completing an in-person application in Student Center 2036. If you have questions about the Pantry, including information on how to donate, please contact [email protected] or 712-329-4750.