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Career Planning

Career Planning


Selecting a major does not necessarily mean you will limit your career choices available to you after graduation. If you choose a major that you enjoy, you will be more motivated in the classes you take and therefore you are more likely to excel academically. Also when it is time to start looking for a job or applying to transfer schools you will be able to explain with enthusiasm why you chose your major and what you gained from doing so. For more information about career planning, contact [email protected].

Major/Career Assessment

Not sure what career path is right for you? Or what you should major in to get there? Click on this short assessment to see what path fits you best. Once you find a path that interests you click on it below to find majors offered at IWCC!

Are you creative? Imaginative? Good at communicating ideas? Original? If so you fit right into the Arts and Communication path. 

Are you interested in leading? Organizing people? Planning activities for others? Talking with people? Working with numbers and ideas? Carrying through with ideas? Knowing what to expect? If so you fit into the Business, Management, and Technology path. 

Are you mechanically inclined? Practical? Good with your hands? Good at building things? Interested in knowing how things work? If so you fit into the Engineering/Manufacturing and Industrial Technology path. 

Are you interested in helping people get/stay well? How the body works? Observing and noting changes in patients? If so you fit into the Health Sciences path. 

Are you friendly, open, and outgoing? Understanding and cooperative? Good at solving problems? Interested in making things better for others? If so you fit into the Human Services path. 

Are you interested in nature? Practical? Curious about the physical world? Interested in plants and animals? Physically active? Good at observing, learning, investigating, or problem-solving? If so you fit into the Natural Resources and Agriscience path. 

For more resources, go to Career Planning Resources.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Ask yourself the questions below for each major you are considering. For help answering these questions look at the career information and recommended courses listed on the program guide. All of our program guides can be found on our Academic Programs page.

  1. Does the required coursework in this major complement my interests and abilities?
  2. Are there required courses that I really do not want to take?
  3. How much freedom will I have to take elective courses?
  4. If I already have defined my career goal, does this major complement or prepare me for that career?
  5. Does this major allow me to pursue an area of emphasis?
  6. Are there other important considerations?
  7. Do I need to transfer to get a job?
  8. Are there jobs in this field?