Iowa Western Community College
covid-19Iowa Western's plan to reopen facilities, and keeping our students and staff safe.

College information and updates

Campus Events

Information Kiosks

The Information Kiosk is located on the second floor of the Student Center. You'll find the kiosk is used for many activities, including club events, part-time job opportunities, and transfer colleges and universities.

Toilet Tabloid

Want to know what's happening around campus? Head to the stalls! Really, if you'd like to keep current on all the activities, check out the Toilet Tabloids which are a publication of the Student Activities. You'll find all the information regarding campus life updated weekly on the back of the bathroom stalls.

TV Monitors

The TV Monitors are another way you can learn about the campus happenings. The monitors are located all over our Council Bluffs campus.

Bulletin Board

You'll find information about almost anything on our campus bulletin board located in the Student Life Center. Information on the bulletin board could include community events, college activities, and just about anything else. To advertise on the bulletin board, your ad must be approved by Student Activities, in the Student Life Center.