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Our Department of Student Support and Outreach provides a variety of services including mental health support. We currently have a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who specializes in mental health counseling and is available to assist students struggling with an array of problems including emotional, social, family, or substance abuse issues. When students reach out for support, it is our goal to provide helpful information, referral resources, and short-term counseling so students can become better equipped to deal with personal problems that may be impacting their academic performance.  Students are urged to seek help before personal problems seriously damage academic performance or the future quality of their life.


The Student Success Office carefully guards students’ confidentiality. It is our policy not to release personal identifiable information concerning the use of our services without a student’s prior written permission. Such confidentiality is upheld except in emergency situations where there is a clear and present danger or imminent threat that someone's life is at risk, a chance of harm, a case of apparent abuse of a child, or by court order.

For more information or to review our official confidentiality statement regarding student counseling