Music: Music Technology
Recommended Course Sequence
First Semester
MUS305*Introduction to Audio 3.0
MUS306*Digital Audio Production I 3.0
MUS400*Music in Theory and Practice I 3.0
MUS410*Ear Training and Sight Singing I 1.0
MUS185*Class Piano I 1.0
ENG105Composition I 3.0
SPC112Public Speaking 3.0
  Credits 17.0
Second Semester
MUS307*Digital Audio Production II 3.0
MUS401*Music in Theory and Practice II 3.0
MUS411*Ear Training and Sight Singing II 1.0
MUS186*Class Piano II 1.0
ENG106Composition II 3.0
MAT157Statistics 4.0
  Credits 15.0
Third Semester
MUS330*Audio Mixing I 3.0
MUS402*Music in Theory and Practice III 3.0
MUS412*Ear Training and Sight Singing III 1.0
MUS187*Class Piano III 1.0
ENV111Environmental Science 4.0
SOC110Introduction to Sociology 3.0
  Credits 15.0
Fourth Semester
MUS310*Recording Project I 1.0
MUS403*Music in Theory and Practice IV 3.0
MUS413*Ear Training and Sight Singing IV 1.0
MUS188*Class Piano IV 1.0
MUS100Music Appreciation 3.0
PSY121Developmental Psychology 3.0
SOC210Men, Women and Society 3.0
  Credits 15.0
One elective must also satisfy the diversity requirement.
*Required courses for the program
  62.0  Total Semester Hours Required