Nursing: Associate Degree Nursing

Program Prerequisite: Current, valid CNA Certificate.


General Education Courses that must be completed prior to first semester of nursing:

ENG 105 Composition I 3
PSY 121 Developmental Psychology 3
BIO 168 Human Anatomy and Physiology I  4
BIO 173 Human Anatomy and Physiology II  4

Students must complete the curriculum described below:
Recommended Course Sequence
First Semester
PNN228Foundations of Nursing I 6.0
PNN290Health Assessment Across the Lifespan 2.0
PNN721Foundations of Nursing Clinical I 2.0
PNN201Introduction to Math and Medications 1.0
SPC112Public Speaking 3.0
  Credits 14.0
Second Semester
PNN229Foundations of Nursing II 4.0
PNN723Foundations of Nursing Clinical II 2.0
PNN282Pharmacology II 2.0
PNN446Nursing Care of the Growing Family 4.0
BIO151Nutrition 3.0
  Credits 15.0
Third Semester
ADN213Pharmacology Applications 4.0
ADN831Trends and Issues 3.0
ADN106Success in Nursing 1.0
PSY111Introduction to Psychology 3.0
MGT195Workplace Empowerment 3.0
  Credits 14.0
Fourth Semester
ADN421Maternal Child Nursing II 3.0
ADN171Concepts of Nursing I 5.0
ADN740Concepts of Nursing Clinic 3.0
BIO186Microbiology 4.0
  Credits 15.0
Fifth Semester
ADN292Advanced Mental Health Nursing 2.0
ADN180Advanced Concepts of Nursing 4.0
ADN760Advanced Concepts of Nursing Clinical 4.0
ADN499Passage to Professional Practice 1.0
SOC110Introduction to Sociology 3.0
  Credits 14.0

  86.0  Total Semester Hours Required

Courses with a PNN/ADN prefix must be completed in the sequence listed above. Students must earn a “C” or higher in all required courses in order to graduate.