CAD Diploma

About the Program

Students in this program learn to build 3D virtual products  primarily using Siemens Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software, the world’s leading product lifecycle management program. The software will introduce students to product design and development technology used by many of the world’s leading manufacturing, architectural, and construction companies. The coursework will help prepare students to develop technical drawings and plans to build everything from microchips to skyscrapers.  This Certificate is offered in Atlantic and the certificate classes would be held two days a week.  There is a free shuttle from Council Bluffs main campus.

Career Information

Computer Aided Designers, or CAD Designers, use software to create plans for everything from cars to skyscrapers.  Students with CAD Certificates may find  work in many exciting fields including manufacturing, construction and engineering.  The CAD diploma provides a great opportunity for  workers to increase their skills and for current students to enter the workforce!  

Graduates of this program will be sought by companies in nearly every industry including aerospace, construction, consumer products, transportation, heavy machinery, robotics, manufacturing, and many more. 

Salary Information

Average: $22.64
Entry Level: $18.29

Just the Facts

Program Start Term: Fall and Spring
Program Length: 2 Semesters, 1 Summer
Award: Diploma
Pathway: Transfer Path
Cluster: Industrial Technology and Transportation
Completed Online: No
Completed in the Evenings: No
Program Locations: Cass County Center