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Food Service

Food Service

food service 

The Food Service serving and dining areas are constructed like a food court type of service. There are stations for your convenience. There is a pizza station, burger station, soup, sandwich, and salad station, entrée station, dessert station, and beverage station. All of the stations are self-serve and will feature a variety of food items.

You may eat as much or as little as you want. We encourage you to only take what you can eat. If you are still hungry, you may go back a second time for additional food. You are not allowed to take any food or beverages out of the eating area. You are not allowed to give or share your food with others. You will need your school I.D. to eat. The student I.D. will have multiple uses; one is the meal plan. The I.D. card is also a declining balance card. You may want to put a small amount of money on the card to use in the food service department during the times you only want a beverage or a snack and you do not want to use your meal plan privilege.

We can accommodate most special diets and food preferences. You will be given more specific information when you check into the residence hall.

Missed Meals Cannot Be Made Up! If meals are shared or if the meal card is given to someone else, your meal privilege may be suspended.

You will need your ID (Meal Plan) Card to be swiped each time you go through the line. Carry it with you at all times if you want to eat.

ID Cards (Aka. Meal Plan Card, Debit Card, Declining Balance Card)

For a safer and more convenient way to pay for your meals or snacks use your ID card. By putting money on your ID card, you can use it like cash in the cafeteria for breaks, breakfast, lunch, supper, and special order items. Once you decide how much money you want to put on your ID card, stop by the Cashier's window to have it activated. It takes about 24 hours to activate your card. You will receive a 10% bonus every time you put money on your card. In case of a lost card, notify Food Service so it can be canceled. A replacement card can be issued at a cost of $10.00.

You will need your Meal Plan Card for identification at every meal. All meals need to be eaten in the cafeteria. To-Go containers or carry-outs will not be permitted.