Iowa Western Community College
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College information and updates

Emeritus Status

Emeritus Status is granted to eligible faculty and staff who permanently retire from Iowa Western Community College and who have served the College with distinction over a lengthy career.

Annette  Allbaugh Secretary
Theresa Amaral Adult Education and Literacy Coordinator
Kirk Anderson Professor of Automotive Technology
Marge Anderson Secretary
Shelley Anderson Library Coordinator, Clarinda
Dean  Bailey Instructor of Business
Clair Baker Professor of Agriculture
Julie  Barclay Assistant Professor of Social Science
William  Barrett Professor of Computer Studies
Roger  Barry Professor of Learning Resources
Ward Bean Dean of Continuing Education
Robert T. Biggs  Professor of Communication and Fine Arts
Kathryn Black Professor of Health Occupations
Jane Brandes Human Resources Payroll Specialist
Carol Brockmann Coordinator of Health, Family and Community
Donna Brown Instructor of Vocational and Technical Education
Julie Brown Secretary
Bonnie  Brummer Director of the Art Center
Brian  Buhrman Professor of Math and Science
Rebecca  Burgart Dean of Health and Sports Science
Melanie Butterbaugh Professor of Computer Information Technology
Cathy Castillo Child Care Specialist
Robert Christensen Instructor of Automotive Technology
Ronald Cisar Assistant Professor of Biological Science
Greg Clausen Director of the Physical Plant
Joyce Clay Secretary
Carolyn Cool  Professor of Sign Language
Douglas Corteville Professor of Electronic Engineering Technology
Brenda Cox Education Coordinator for the Clarinda Correctional Facility
Brenda  Cross Secretary
Becky Davis Secretary
Larry  DeMeo Maintenance Manager
Nancy  Dems Assistant to the Vice President of Academic Affairs
Tamara Donney Assistant Professor of Biology
Thomas Dutch Director of Enrollment Services
Dennis  Eitmann Vice President of Community Service and Economic Development
Jane Eitmann Professor of Marketing
Otis Elkin Dean of Applied Science
Sharon  Elkin Secretary
Ann  Engel Professor of Communication and Fine Arts
Judith Ettleman Secretary
Jane Fancher Professor of Office Education
Margot Fetrow Adult Learning Center Coordinator
James Ficek Professor of Business
Carolyn  Foutch Instructor of Office Education
Robert Franzese Vice President of Institutional Advancement
Julie French Secretary
Marjorie Garabrandt Assistant Professor of Biological Science
Gary  Gard Professor of Social Science
Sherry  Gault Microcomputer Support Specialist
Bonnie Gioiello Alumni Director
LeRoy Gittins Engineer
Thelma Grafft Promise Jobs Specialist, Workforce Development
Robert Graunke Professor of Food Technology
Donald Gray Chairman for Math and Science
Cynthia Green Secretary
Marlin Gutzmer Associate Dean of Student Services
Russell G. Hale Professor of Business
James Hamilton Director of Adult Education
Brenda Hampton Athletic Director
Rex Hardie Director of Accounting
Kathryn Harris Assistant Professor of Adult Basic Education
Pamela  Hart Assistant Professor of Social Science
David Hartje Engineer
Cheryl Heininger  Program Coordinator for Continuing Health Education
Dr. Carl Henirich President
Ronald Helms Director of the Small Business Development Center
Tarry Hempel Instructor of Business
Janet  Hillis Professor of Dental Hygiene
George  Hollins Professor of Electronics
Lucy  Howarth Professor of Office Education
Carol  Huffman Dean of Fine Arts, Math, Engineering and Information Technology
Hugh Irwin Student Assistance Coordinator
Raymond James Counselor
Shirley  Joens Clerk
Elizabeth Johnson Marketing Specialist
Tim  Johnson Associate Dean of Enrollment
Susan  Jungman Professor of Health Occupations
Don  Kearney Dean of Agriculture, Business, Information Technology and Social Science
Patricia Kelly Professor of Communication Arts
Richard Kiernan Coordinator of the Civil Engineering Program
Ruth  King Instructor
Mary Jane Kinzer Assistant Professor of Office Education
Dennis Kirlin Dean of Business and Information 
Sarah Kleffman Continuing Education Coordinator for Long-term Care Programs
Mike Knedler Professor of Social Science
Roberta  Kokenge Professor of Nursing
Chris Konrad Instructor of Wind Energy Technology
Robert Kullbom Associate Professor of Automotive Technology
Judith  Kunze Pirate Cove Attendant, Food Service
Richard Lampe Maintenance Groundskeeper
Jeanine Larsen Vice President of Student Services
Vicki Leaders Associate Professor of Health Science, SPACE
William  Leeder Professor of Food Technology
Robert D.  Lewallen Professor of Management and Human Resources
Terry  Lindsley JTPA Training Specialist
Vaughn  Lippoldt Vocal Music Director
David  Ludwig Director of Telecommunications for KIWR
Beverly Machmueller Workforce Investment Act Specialist
John  Magill Professor of Computer Studies
Andrea Mahlberg Datatel Systems Manager
James Mahlberg Director of the Information Technology Center
Judith  Marnin Director of the Cass County Center
Randy  Marshall Maintenance Painter
Jerry Martin Food Service Worker
Leo Martin Associate Professor of Electronics
Gilbert McComas Associate Professor of Machine Tool & Die
Ralph  McGrew Professor of Civil Engineering
Janet McKern Secretary
Byron Meek Maintenance Supervisor
Diana Mether Assistant Professor of Mathematics
David  Meyer Professor of Diesel Technology
Eric  Meyer Professor of Math and Science
Stephen Meyer Professor of Social Science
Bonnie  Miley Dean of Student Services
Jodith Miller Professor of Dental Assistant
Terry  Miller Dean of Communication and Fine Arts
Connie Mocha Textbook Operations Coordinator
Rosemary Moore Assistant Professor of Communication Arts
James Morris Head Men's Basketball Coach
Willis Moyer Assistant Professor, SPACE
Deanne  Mulholland Professor of Marketing
William Murray Professor of Graphic Arts
Oscar Myers Maintenance Supervisor
Virginia Nickles Communications Assistant
Jerry Nissen Assistant Professor of Automotive Technology
Patricia Nymand Director of the Cass County Center
Janet  Olenius Instructor of Communication and Fine Arts
Gene Olsen Instructor of Automotive Technology
Robert Ortmann Coordinator of Continuing Education
Roberta  Ozaydin-Maron Instructor of Early Child Development
Mary  Pape Professor of English
Frankie Parrott Dean of Business, Information Technology and Online Education 
Donald  Paulson Professor of Math and Science
Joanna Peters Foundation Director
Vicki Petsche Director of Secondary Programs
Dorothy Polan Profrssor of Dental Hygiene
H. Dean Prather Athletic Director and Co-Op Coordinator
Lois  Reeves Secretary
Joyce Rodenborn Director of the Shelby County Center
Sylvia  Rorebeck Secretary
Robert Ross Professor of History
Lou Ann Ryan Instructor of Nursing
Donna Scarlett Professor of Business and Accounting, Clarinda
 Linda Schmidt Professor of Communication Arts
 Kathryn Schuster Assistant to the President
 David  Sell Assistant Professor of Agriculture
 Zella Shaw Secretary
John  Shorey Professor of History 
Sharon  Shull Secretary
Charm Smith Assistant Professor of Culinary Arts
Delbert Smith Professor of Drama and Speech
Sue Smith Associate Professor of Nursing
Lowell Socolofsky Professor of Data Processing 
Karen  Sojka Associate Dean of Health Occupations
Pam  Southworth Dean of Continuing Education 
Ron  Stairs Professor of Aviation
Michael Stiehl Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education 
Yvonne Stock Professor of Health Occupations
Nancy  Strong Records and Registration Clerk
Harold  Swanson Professor of Agriculture
Stacia Thompson Professor of Nursing
Joan  Thrush Lead Interpreter
David  Tomair Lead Engineer
Cathy Trecek Professor of Legal Studies
Cheri Tye Secretary
Catherine  VanWinkle Professor of Dental Assisting
Dieter VonKampen Food Service Manager
Barbara Vredeveld Dean of Instruction
Patricia Wallace Instructor of English
Ronald Weiss Instructor of Math and Science
Verle Weiss Instructor of Math and Science
Marlys Willard Assistant Professor of Office Education 
Dr. Martin Wolf Vice President of Instruction
Larry  Wooley Associate Professor at the Tucker Center
Mike  Wulbecker Professor
Eldon  Young Assistant Professor of Aviation Technology